Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Idea Jar

A friend of mine asked me what our Idea Jar is all about, so I thought ... hey, why don't I just post it on my blog and all of you can read about it to?

We have an Idea Jar (used to be called a Bored Jar) for whenever Jaymi is bored and needs an idea of something she can do.  It used to be filled with only ideas of things she can do on her own (since she is an only child) but right now it has a few other ideas that involve other people as well.

Here is what's in it at the moment....please leave a comment and add more ideas if you wish!  We could always use more.

Do yoga.
Put on a puppet show.
Cloud watch.
Bowling (with a ball and toys that can be knocked over).
Build a tower.
Make a Cheerio necklace.
Play Wall Ball (this is a game we made up, where you play against the side of the house with a ball...different types of throwing - underhand, overhand...etc...combined with other tricky stuff - like touching the ground before the ball comes back to you, etc.).
Play vet.
Draw a family portrait.
Visit pet mice.
Do a good deed.
Draw your name and outline it over and over, until the paper is filled in.
Pet the cat.
Make toilet paper roll bracelet.
Play school.
Play the piano.
Play solitaire.
Play Littlest Pet Shop.
Sew something.
Make pipe cleaner animals/people.
Write a story.
Practice recorder.
Lite Brite.
Scavenger Hunt.
Practice ballet.
Play a board game with a stuffie.
Make up a dance.
Listen to a book on CD.
Make a concentration game.
Make a phone call.
Make Webkinz clothes out of holey socks.
Draw a Zantangle.
Make a stuffie bed.
Practice clapping rhymes.
Play restaurant.
Dress your stuffies.
Draw your class.
Build something out of Lego.
Have a tea party.
Make a face with nature objects.
People watch.
Give toys a bath.
Play math with big dice.
Make a hat.
Draw a city.
Do a puzzle.
Write a letter.

And here are some of the ones that Jaymi added today...some of them made me laugh just now, reading them for the first time:

Be puppy.
Make Cookie a cat toy.
Love Daddy.
Help Mommy clean.
Wiggle tooth.
Love Mommy.
Love Socky (it's a sock that she has been using as a pet - yes...a sock).
Play PowerPuffs.
Dress Socky.
Throw clothes at Mommy.

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Anonymous said...

"Throw clothes at Mommy!" Ha ha ha ha ha well, I guess that DOES involve other people!!!