Friday, August 28, 2009

Board Games, Science Venture (complete with bunnies), and Learning to Fly!

Jaymi has been doing so much fun stuff this month.
She took a three-hour workshop with Kaleidoscope Productions (our local children's theatre company) called "Learning to Fly with Aerial Silks". They use the silks like the ones that Cirque de Soleil uses. It looked like a blast!

We also had a fun time hanging out at home with Alicia, playing board games once in a while.

And Jaymi had 2 weeks at the University of Victoria, in a group that undergrads teach, called "Science Venture". They learned about making things fly, made ice cream, played "Drip Drip Drop", made snot, and tons of other fun sciency experiments.

And I got to snap a few photo of the many rabbits that run around the campus too ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beading, Poffles, and Go-Karting

Lots of summer fun around here.
We went to a bead shop where you can select beads and lace from a HUGE variety, and they teach you how to make your own jewelry. Alicia was so excited that she learned how to macrame!

We also made very large waffles on our panini maker. We called them 'poffles' because they were like a cross between pancakes and waffles. They were awesome too!

And we went go-karting, which was so much fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival

Every year, I take Jaymi to the Dragon Boat Festival downtown and this year was no exception.
We always have fun doing the many activities at the Kids' Tent, face painting (which we didn't do this year), looking at all of the many vendors who are there, watching the dragon boat races, drinking bubble tea, and just being around all of the interesting things to see downtown, during this festival.
This year, we joined up with some good friends, and of course, Alicia was with us as well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ocean Discovery Centre

There is a new tourist attraction that just opened up this summer, called the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. We went there the other day and it was very cool. Lots of interesting oceanlife to look at, a touch tank with awesome creatures to touch, and Jaymi's favourite part - the 'elevator' at the beginning, that makes you feel like you're going down under the water, in a submarine.