Friday, September 24, 2010

New Things

NEW YEAR in Brownies (Jaymi's 4th year in Girl Guides, all together...2nd year in Brownies).

* By the way, Girl Guide cookies (the chocolate mint ones) arrive in October (which is just over a week away), so anyone who is interested in buying some from Jaymi, please let us know and we'll put you on the order list. Yum!

NEW SKIRT (made out of a flannel nightgown that Jaymi wore at Christmas time in 2005).

NEW GAME, that has us balancing pencils on our foreheads, telling everyone what our favourite childhood memory is, making difficult ethical decisions, and imagining what our own designed theme park would look like.  A fun family game!

NEW DECADE.  Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary.  We have been together for 17 years...married for 10.  Wow.  We can't believe that we have made it through all of the tough stuff that has happened over those 10 years.  We look forward to the next 10 years together.

(The next two pictures are scratch and win tickets that I made for Mark to 'win' things.  Jaymi had a blast helping to scratch them as well.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Dad's Life

I just came across this video - it's hilarious!
Perfect. :)

Anyone who is a mom or a dad HAS to watch this.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A miracle rainbow for us :)

This afternoon, I decided to begin a Sunday tradition of discussing a bible story with Jaymi.
Today, I let her choose her favourite bible story, and she chose Noah's Ark.  So, we discussed the animals, and how silly Noah would have looked to his neighbours, building this huge boat and talking about God talked to him, etc..
Then, we discussed the rainbow's meaning (a promise and a reminder from God).

The really strange thing was...later...about a half-hour later...I glanced outside and happened to see the most beautiful, brilliant, solid rainbow stretched across the sky!

We ran outside and looked at it, and talked about how weird that was - that it must have been God, showing us a demonstration of what we had just discussed.  :)

And Jaymi pointed out that it hadn't even rained at all today!  So we decided that it was a miracle rainbow.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

International snacks, ballet, pom-poms, and lots of reading.

This week, Jaymi has been a bit more tired, adjusting to the school routine once again.  She is LOVING being back at school, especially having her old friends back as well as some new ones this year.

She has been very much into reading lately - even more than usual (which was a lot).  There are many days this week, where she has come from school, read for hours, and then of course, read again as she is in bed, going to sleep.  She was just saying today, that she wishes her room was completely made of books. ;)
Yesterday, she announced her plans for Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon.....reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, eat dinner, storytime (with me & Mark), more reading and then go to sleep.

We tried something fun this week.  We made up "International Snack Week".  Each day of the school week, I had a snack waiting for her, after school, from a different country.

Monday was shortbread from Scotland.
Tuesday was a steamed pudding (called Spotted Dick) from England.
Wednesday was honey cake from Holland.
Thursday was seaweed crunchies from Japan.
Friday was lemon wafers from Italy.

We also had cheese fondue (Swiss) for dinner on Friday night.

I also have to mention that we have been having some fantastic meals lately - trying out some new recipes, and some old favourites.
Mark made Beef Wellington last week, and it was amazing, as usual.

He is getting really good at cooking it!
Here is the link to the recipe.

Yesterday we learned how to make pom-poms.
This little one was okay, but we quickly learned that it is much easier to just a stiff hand (like a piece of cardboard) instead of that half-moon plastic tool.

And this is one of Jaymi's favourite outfits.  She, being all into fashion now, thinks that fabrics like silk & satin are just wonderful, so this black sating skirt is a favourite.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Optical Illusions

On Sunday Jaymi and got interested in looking at some optical illusions online.  It was fun, and she had never seen any of these before.

Like this one.

And this one.

And this one.

And this one.

She even tried to draw some of them.

She was amazed by this one...the endless triangle.

We made a flip book,

and she learned a few magic tricks too.
Like this one, where you cut a straw with a string inside, and the string magically gets pulled out, whole.

And this one, where you cover a quarter up with a piece of paper, and then scrunch up the piece of paper, proving that the coin has disappeared.

We found some great websites too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying to get back into a routine

Things are settling into a routine, little by little, around here.  Jaymi is struggling to go to sleep earlier than she did in the summer, and to get up earlier as well.

She announced on the first day of school, that she 'insisted' on wearing a dress every day.  She quickly realized that she also wants to be able to climb the monkey bars and hang upside down, so one day, she showed up at our room in this outfit that she put together.

Yep.  She's wearing a pretty black and white dress, a black velvet cropped jacket, yellow capris pants, and multi-coloured striped knee socks.

Ballet started up again, which she loved.

And Gramma and John finally came home, after a long summer away.

Gramma finished knitting "Lovey #4".

Lovey (Jaymi's special blanket) has been with her for her whole life.  Actually, the first Lovey was her pink blanket.  That was followed by the purple blanket.  Lovey #3 was a multi-coloured blanket that Gramma knitted that has lasted the longest.  Jaymi not only sleeps with it every night, but it is a great source of comfort for her.  She still goes and gets it when she is shy, upset, or worried.  It even went into brain surgery with her last year.
It has been falling apart for a long time, and Gramma had promised to knit a new one.  So it finally was finished and Jaymi is thrilled.

Gramma & John also brought back some clothes for Jaymi.  Here was the favourite, by far.

Very Jaymi-ish.


She wore it to school yesterday, and the clothes she chose to go with it were very interesting.

So...let's get this straight.
A multicoloured tutu skirt, a brown sparkly shirt, a turquoise fleece jacket, and multicoloured polka-dot knee socks.

That girl definitely has her own unique style!

Today, I began turning the upper landing into a reading area.  We moved a wooden storage unit into the corner for books (which Jaymi quickly filled up as soon as she discovered it), put a blanket on the couch,  a plant in the other corner, and a wonderful new reading area was born!

Later this afternoon, we noticed that Jaymi seemed quite tired (yesterday as well).  She actually read in the new reading area for 2 solid hours (from about 3:30 - after school - to 6:00).  Then, she came downstairs, went looking for a sheet and a blanket and a pillow, set up a makeshift bed for herself on the kitchen floor, and promptly laid down to sleep.  She was sooo tired.
We kept her awake through dinner, which turned out to be a mistake.  This resulted in a huge meltdown near the end of dinner.

So, we are adjusting to the routine - mostly successfully.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grade 3 - Time Flies!!

So, my little girl is in Gr. 3 beginning today.  Wow - that sounds so strange.  I still struggle to remember that she was in Gr. 2 when people ask, and now I have to switch my mind-set to think "Grade 3".

She has changed so much over the years, and we have loved every minute of it.
She has her own unique, quirky personality, and I love hearing how her mind works, and seeing what she comes up with.

So, here is an update on Jaymi, at age 7 - almost 8 years a happy Gr. 3 student:

She LOVES dresses (she said, just tonight before bed, "I INSIST on wearing a dress every day", especially big, poofy ones with full, long skirts.  Yeah, I know - go figure.  This is the same child who wouldn't touch a dress or skirt with a 10-ft. pole a few years ago, and lived in "Cars" and construction clothing for about 3 years!

She loves sparkles and colourful clothing.

She still won't wear jeans.
She loves to spin.

She still mismatches her socks, and still hates wearing underwear.

She likes peace signs.

She loves girly stuff like purses, jewellery, sparkles, pink, dresses, princesses, and shoes.

She loves dancing, especially ballet and tap.

She likes to hang upside-down.

She loves games, including cribbage, Scrabble Apple, Boggle, and trivia games.

She likes the Magic Treehouse series, the Babysitter's Club series, Garfield books, Disney Princess books, any of the Rainbow Fairies series, and tons of other books.

She still absolutely LOVES to learn.

She is trying out Tae-kwon-do.

She wears glasses now - with very cool, turquoise and brown frames.

She wants to be an artist when she grows up.  She draws and colours constantly!  She is getting really good at drawing Garfield especially.

She likes to wear accessories - scarves, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clips, etc. - she loves fashion.

She is very specific about what is 'fashionable' and what is not.

Her favourite places to go are bookstores, thrift stores and garage sales, Rona or Home Depot, Quiznos, Claire's, and Starbucks.

She still likes Garfield, Webkinz, cats, and fairies, but is longer into turtles.
She loves princesses at the moment, especially Cinderella and Snow White.

She loves to dress up, pretend, put on plays, dance, sing songs, and perform for us.

She is still shy with new situations, new people, and lots of other things, but at home she is so outgoing
and talkative, it sometimes drives us crazy!
She calls out when she sees a Mustang or a Corvette, no matter where we are.
She is the pickiest she has ever been, regarding food.  Her favourites are pasta, cereal, chocolate, marshmallows, Sun Chips, cheese buns, goat cheese, raw green beans (thanks to our garden this year), milk, and pomegranate juice.  Her pizza must have ONLY pineapple and cheese but NO sauce, her pasta must have either cheese sauce or Alfredo sauce but NO tomato sauce, and her sandwiches must NOT have mayo, mustard, or any type of spread on the bread. ;)
She reads constantly,

rarely plays on the computer or watches tv,

loves to go Quiznos with Mark,

loves school,

loves to shop (especially at thrift shops and garage sales),

and likes to do crossword puzzles or jigsaw puzzles with me.

She is still a whiz at reading and math.
She is very emotional and melts down sometimes, at the smallest thing.

She is an excellent swimmer and could spend all day in a pool.

She is terrified of wasps (after being stung 2 summers in a row).
She beginning her 2nd year of Brownies.

She will pick up lizards, slugs, etc., with no problem at all.
She is very affectionate.
She has lost 7 of her baby teeth so far.

She is not very patient, can be a bit bossy, and has trouble focusing this past year.
She can make ANYTHING into a wonderful adventure.  She has an amazing imagination.  She has pretended that practically ANYTHING is an animated object - a coffee bean, a screw, a ball of hair, and even air!  Yes, air.