Monday, September 6, 2010


Tidbits of the past few days...

Jaymi decided to make a cape, and did a great job, after finding a piece of pink of fleece in my sewing room, trimming the edge the way she wanted to, cutting to make a tie at the front, and voila!

We also had a nice surprise in the mail...a postcard from Jaymi's absolute FAVOURITE counsellor at Camp Qwanoes - Sarah.  She adored her, and although Sarah told her that she wanted to keep in touch with us, you never know.  Sometimes people just don't follow through.  But she did, and Jaymi was thrilled to get the postcard in the mail.  Sarah doesn't have a mailing address yet, so she provided us with her email and Jaymi set out right away, emailing her.

And as I took these pictures of her while she emailed, I was struck by how old she looks in some photos.
Wow - she's growing up!

More when she is serious and concentrating.
When she is being a goof like she is most of the time, she looks like a 7-yr-old. :)
Like here, when she was showing the camera her latest lost tooth (that makes 3 teeth in one summer!) that she lost last week.

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