Saturday, September 18, 2010

International snacks, ballet, pom-poms, and lots of reading.

This week, Jaymi has been a bit more tired, adjusting to the school routine once again.  She is LOVING being back at school, especially having her old friends back as well as some new ones this year.

She has been very much into reading lately - even more than usual (which was a lot).  There are many days this week, where she has come from school, read for hours, and then of course, read again as she is in bed, going to sleep.  She was just saying today, that she wishes her room was completely made of books. ;)
Yesterday, she announced her plans for Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon.....reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, eat dinner, storytime (with me & Mark), more reading and then go to sleep.

We tried something fun this week.  We made up "International Snack Week".  Each day of the school week, I had a snack waiting for her, after school, from a different country.

Monday was shortbread from Scotland.
Tuesday was a steamed pudding (called Spotted Dick) from England.
Wednesday was honey cake from Holland.
Thursday was seaweed crunchies from Japan.
Friday was lemon wafers from Italy.

We also had cheese fondue (Swiss) for dinner on Friday night.

I also have to mention that we have been having some fantastic meals lately - trying out some new recipes, and some old favourites.
Mark made Beef Wellington last week, and it was amazing, as usual.

He is getting really good at cooking it!
Here is the link to the recipe.

Yesterday we learned how to make pom-poms.
This little one was okay, but we quickly learned that it is much easier to just a stiff hand (like a piece of cardboard) instead of that half-moon plastic tool.

And this is one of Jaymi's favourite outfits.  She, being all into fashion now, thinks that fabrics like silk & satin are just wonderful, so this black sating skirt is a favourite.

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