Saturday, March 21, 2009

Princess Graduate!

Well, she has officially graduated from Princess Camp. She dressed up as much as she could, complete with (attempted) curled hair, a princess tutu, and 'jewels'.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Princess Camp

This week, Jaymi has been enrolled (during Spring Break) in Princess Camp. They are learning how to be princesses.
Pictured above is what she has learned about how to wave, how to curtsy, and how to sit properly, like a princess.
My little tomboy of 6 years, who was obsessed with construction, hated dresses and fairies & princesses, now suddenly wants to be a princess! It's a little weird for us. ;)

We also spent the day today making a sign for Jaymi's door, a mailbox, and this awesome foam princess castle.

Spring Break Crafts

Yesterday Jaymi and our neighbour had a playdate, and they did these Perler Bead crafts. They did 4 each! Took them close to 2 hours.

And of course, for this picture, I got the typical little kid cheesy smile. ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bugs for Dinner?

Today was the first day of Spring Break, and we had lots of fun.
Jaymi had a Sparks sleepover last night, and we picked her up this morning.
This afternoon, I took her to the Bug Zoo. She learned lots of fascinating facts about various insects, bought a stuffed snail, and then we decided to create a bug restaurant at home and pretend the whole dinner was made out of bugs!
We had fried worms (sausages) served on a bed of leaf bugs (sunflower sprouts), grass (alfalfa sprouts) and eggs (chickpeas), crispy leaf bugs (potatoes) and bug blood (ketchup), bug guts and eggs (cooked spinach and feta cheese), and grasshopper juice (lime ice cream, milk, strawberries and a banana.

And for dessert, we had three very special treats that we bought at the Bug Zoo.
Salt & vinegar crickets, cheddar cheese worms (larvae), and chocolate-covered ants.
For real!
I can't believe it...she loved it all!!
And I can't believe we actually tried some of each, as well!