Sunday, September 19, 2010

A miracle rainbow for us :)

This afternoon, I decided to begin a Sunday tradition of discussing a bible story with Jaymi.
Today, I let her choose her favourite bible story, and she chose Noah's Ark.  So, we discussed the animals, and how silly Noah would have looked to his neighbours, building this huge boat and talking about God talked to him, etc..
Then, we discussed the rainbow's meaning (a promise and a reminder from God).

The really strange thing was...later...about a half-hour later...I glanced outside and happened to see the most beautiful, brilliant, solid rainbow stretched across the sky!

We ran outside and looked at it, and talked about how weird that was - that it must have been God, showing us a demonstration of what we had just discussed.  :)

And Jaymi pointed out that it hadn't even rained at all today!  So we decided that it was a miracle rainbow.

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samurai said...

hi shereen,

i can feel the strength of the miracle here in india, reflected in jaymi's gaze.