Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying to get back into a routine

Things are settling into a routine, little by little, around here.  Jaymi is struggling to go to sleep earlier than she did in the summer, and to get up earlier as well.

She announced on the first day of school, that she 'insisted' on wearing a dress every day.  She quickly realized that she also wants to be able to climb the monkey bars and hang upside down, so one day, she showed up at our room in this outfit that she put together.

Yep.  She's wearing a pretty black and white dress, a black velvet cropped jacket, yellow capris pants, and multi-coloured striped knee socks.

Ballet started up again, which she loved.

And Gramma and John finally came home, after a long summer away.

Gramma finished knitting "Lovey #4".

Lovey (Jaymi's special blanket) has been with her for her whole life.  Actually, the first Lovey was her pink blanket.  That was followed by the purple blanket.  Lovey #3 was a multi-coloured blanket that Gramma knitted that has lasted the longest.  Jaymi not only sleeps with it every night, but it is a great source of comfort for her.  She still goes and gets it when she is shy, upset, or worried.  It even went into brain surgery with her last year.
It has been falling apart for a long time, and Gramma had promised to knit a new one.  So it finally was finished and Jaymi is thrilled.

Gramma & John also brought back some clothes for Jaymi.  Here was the favourite, by far.

Very Jaymi-ish.


She wore it to school yesterday, and the clothes she chose to go with it were very interesting.

So...let's get this straight.
A multicoloured tutu skirt, a brown sparkly shirt, a turquoise fleece jacket, and multicoloured polka-dot knee socks.

That girl definitely has her own unique style!

Today, I began turning the upper landing into a reading area.  We moved a wooden storage unit into the corner for books (which Jaymi quickly filled up as soon as she discovered it), put a blanket on the couch,  a plant in the other corner, and a wonderful new reading area was born!

Later this afternoon, we noticed that Jaymi seemed quite tired (yesterday as well).  She actually read in the new reading area for 2 solid hours (from about 3:30 - after school - to 6:00).  Then, she came downstairs, went looking for a sheet and a blanket and a pillow, set up a makeshift bed for herself on the kitchen floor, and promptly laid down to sleep.  She was sooo tired.
We kept her awake through dinner, which turned out to be a mistake.  This resulted in a huge meltdown near the end of dinner.

So, we are adjusting to the routine - mostly successfully.

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