Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family getaway to end the summer

Last week the three of us went on a brief family vacation to Parksville.

It was too short, and had a few unexpected 'adventures' (#1 - Mark burned the top of his foot with a hot oil splash from making dinner, #2 - Jaymi banged her head pretty hard on a countertop, and #3 - we witnessed a bunch of young children freaking out while getting stung by a swarm of wasps) but it was nice to get away and we had lots of fun together.

The playground was fun, with lots of stuff to climb on, swing from, slide down, etc., and we also played ping-pong and basketball together.

One of the days we were there, we went to Nanaimo (20 minutes away) to the mall and shopped.  We enjoyed an ice cream while we were there,

went to Chapters,

and Jaymi made a wish in the big clock water fountain.   (She wished for Mark's foot to get better.)

We all went to one of the local resort attractions - mini-golf and bumper boats (with sprayers).  That was lots of fun.  Jaymi actually got 2 holes-in-one!!

And of course, staying in our resort was fun too, taking walks, swimming in the pool,

making special breakfasts and dinners in our room,

making forts,

and playing games.

Excuse the bed-head ;)

We also introduced Jaymi to a new thing that she had never had before (a childhood memory for both of us) - mini cereal boxes that you have to cut open to eat.  :)

I finished making Jaymi the tutu I was working on (a no-sew project).  She loves it.

In this picture, she is holding one of her favourite stuffies that she has had for many years.  She has a fantastic stuffie set of a family of green peas in a pod (a mom, dad, and kid).  She brought with her, one of the peas...attached it to a leash for a while, took it for walks, made a ribbon headband for it, etc..

I also began a new sewing project that she wanted me to make - a mermaid skirt.

One evening, we also did a spa night for ourselves.  We soaked our feet (in whatever containers we could find), I did her nails, and we did face masks.

She actually wanted to do another mask the next night, so I did a drying cucumber mask on her, that she got to peel off. :)

The tide goes out soooo far in Parksville, so it's always a must whenever anyone is there, to take a walk on the beach waaay out.

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