Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giant pencil stuffie, ice cream bars, float planes, and another lost tooth.

So far, it has been a relaxed and fun week.  We haven't had anything planned at all for this week, other than a few flexible things that could be done any day of the week.
Other than that, I have been able to take Jaymi's lead with some of her ideas, and run with them.

Like this morning, she decided that she wanted to make her own stuffie pencil.  A no.2 pencil, to be exact. So she asked me if we had the correct colours of fabric, and some stuffing, and after I said yes, she went up to the sewing area and gathered everything she would need - her fabric scissors, pins & pincushion, needle & thread, fabric, fabric marker, and stuffing).

I am so proud of her, because she did nearly the whole project by herself!  She already layed out the fabric, cut a double layer of each piece that she wanted, lined it up, and pinned it herself.

Then, she threaded the needle herself and did almost all of the sewing, with me helping when the thread got tangled up or when the more difficult parts came up (like sewing 4 layers together).

I flipped the whole thing right-side in and then her and I stuffed it.  After that, she finished the last sewing bit and she even cut out and sewed on a little number '2' (backwards by accident - but she wants to keep it that way).

She loves this pencil.  Called it 'pencily', of course, and is sleeping with it tonight.  It is exactly her size, and  she loves to pretend to write and erase with it.

She loves that she can make her own stuffie. :)

We had a great mother-daughter day this week as well.

We went downtown to sit on the rocks and watch the float planes take off and land.

It was such a nice afternoon.  We sat there, drank some lemonade and ate a bag of chips,

and enjoyed watching the planes.

While we waited for the next plane, we watched people, boats, harbour ferries, kayakers, and just had fun together.

She even waved to the planes as they taxied to take off.

We also saw a ladybug fly right past us, saw a flock of geese fly by, and Jaymi climbed the stone pyramid-like structures in her pretty pink dress.

By the way, we went to Value Village before that, and had a blast in the changeroom, trying on clothes, and ended up finding Jaymi's possible Halloween costume (at the very least, it's a costume for her dress-up bin), a dress for her birthday (which she is IN LOVE with), a dress for Christmas, the pink dress she is wearing in these pictures, and a bunch of books.

After watching the planes, we went to a convenience store to buy an ice-cream bar, and sat on the grass to enjoy it together.

She also lost another tooth this week.  Finally.  This tooth was so loose that it could lay flat against her bottom lip.  She pulled it out herself.  So now she has two gaps - one on each side of her bottom front teeth.

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