Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mabel's Labels

I have recently received a package with some samples from a fantastic company called Mabel's Labels. I have heard of this company for a long time, yet have never purchased anything from them. I was thrilled to receive this fantastic package of samples to 'buzz' about to my friends and family.

I love the idea of these labels - washable, personalized, and cute. I chose the icon for my Jaymi's labels (princess) as well as the colour (her favourite - pink). I like it much better than printing her name on dishes, lunchbags, etc., with permanent marker.

I didn't realize that they make labels for adults as well, like these:

And these cute tags that I love...

I really like the shoe labels - cute, practical shape and made extra sticky compared to the other labels that they make, so that they stay put on shoes.

They also make stationary, like these Babysitter notepads...

And there are tons of icons to choose from.

And these I.D. bracelets and allergy bracelets are a fantastic idea.

I also received this great reusable bag from Mabel's Labels.

I would definitely recommend the product to my friends and family, and I might just order some of these labels soon.

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