Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2nd Day of Spring Break

Today, our original plans completely changed.
It turned out to be a stay-at-home day.

Jaymi began the day with paper doll fairies, and creating the 'perfect outfit' for herself, to pretend to be Lauren the Puppy Fairy.

She then made her own breakfast - a yummy peanut butter/chocolate/banana smoothie - by herself, and washed the dishes she used, by herself.

Then, on to a fairy craft and very elaborate pretend game with me.

Then, she read for a while on the couch.  Yesterday at Chapters, I asked Jaymi if we could choose one book to take home for her to read, that is closer to her level of reading.  She is in the habit of reading books that are way too easy for her.
So, we chose "Ella Enchanted".
She read 4 chapters today, and then I got her to make a word list (she chose 15 words) of 'difficult' words, and she wanted us to have a spelling competition with each other, including using each word in a sentence.  (I had to make a list as well.)
She even made a page with various points equaling rankings.
When we finished the competition, I ranked as a Cornflake and she ranked as Lauren the Puppy Fairy.

We had showers and cleaned up around the house next.
Then, I had to say one of those sentences I never thought I'd have to say:  "No, you can't dress the cat in a tutu."
Then, I actually ended up helping her dress the cat in a tutu.
LOL ;)

Near the end of the day, I decided to teach Jaymi cribbage.  
It's a game that I grew up playing and loved.
Jaymi caught on so quickly!  And she loves the game.  We'll keep playing it, for sure.
She did well, too.

For dinner, we had leftover roast beef, pulled, on fresh whole wheat kaisers from the bakery, with horseradish, sauteed red pepper strips and caramelized red onions, dipped in the juices that I made from cooking the roast.

And just before bed, we all watched a tiny bit of the old version of 101 Dalmations.

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