Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Day of Spring Break

Here we are, on the last day of Spring Break.  Today is also the last day of our Bird Study.

We had fun studying birds.  Jaymi has gotten used to announcing birds that she has seen each day, and she began the bird study, not at all interested in birds!

We have also become increasingly interested in watching the barn owl webcam.  Today we were riveted, as the first owlet, Max, finally hatched out of his egg.

Jaymi made a cute bird picture today, and watched a bit of the owl webcam, then went off with Mark to the store, where she did some Webkinz World on his computer while he worked.  She also got to meet one of our employee's new dog - a baby Chihuahua.

Later in the afternoon, Jaymi and I went to The Adventures of Pinnochio.  I had won tickets to the play, and today was finally the day.
It was a fun play, and the 3-person cast ended the hour by doing a bit of improv, which Jaymi (and everyone else) thought was hilarious.

We then decided to find a cafe that we had never visited before, and see if we liked it.  We found the Roastery Cafe.  We tried a couple of snacks (an apple danish and a date bar) and loved the place.

This evening, it was time to get ready for school tomorrow.
Backpack is packed.
Lunch is ready.
Clothes are picked out.
We are ready!

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