Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 3, 4, 5, and 6 of Spring Break

I took Jaymi on a mini-vacation for Day 3, 4, and 5, up to stay with her Gramma and Gramma's husband, John.

Mark stayed at home and buried himself in work - something he could do without worrying about us, and had the opportunity to stay late at work and get a bunch of stuff done.

Gramma picked us up and we went to lunch at our store, before heading up island.

We had lunch the next afternoon, at the Rock Cod Cafe, in Cowichan Bay.
We went to an awesome bakery too, to get some bread, and some treats as well.

We stayed for a bit, and took a look at all of the boats.

We even met a beautiful black cat who lived on one of the boats.  So soft and friendly :).

Jaymi played a bunch of pretend fairy games, and did lots of artwork and crafts.

Gramma had this fantastic paper doll kit and we had so much fun designing clothes for the dolls!

We also made applesauce from scratch and rice krispie squares too - yum!

Jaymi enjoyed bedtime stories, read by Gramma - especially the cuddling...

...and ping-pong with John.  They were able to hit it back and forth a few times now - she's improving!

We played cribbage with them too - Jaymi can really hold her own.  She is loving that game!
We also did some crossword puzzles together, played Charades, a strategy board game, and Mad Libs.

We did some girly stuff too - like doing each other's hair.  Jaymi is learning how to do a ponytail, and wanted to practice on me.  I got to have a turn with her hair too.

It snowed on our last morning there.  Jaymi was so happy.  It didn't stick, really, but it looked beautiful up on the mountains.

And we took the train home.  It's an awesome trip to take.  It was about an hour-and-a-half, and the train goes through a small tunnel and over two really high trestles.  It always slows to a stop on one of the trestles, where you can see how high you are.  The train actually wobbles a bit, and there is nothing at all on either side of the single train track.  It's fantastic!
Jaymi always loves being on a train.  She spends the whole trip looking out the window and raving about everything she sees.

We got home yesterday, and today we had nice, restful day.  Lots of cleaning, organizing, unpacking, getting back to normal, a playdate with a friend, and then soup for dinner and watching some fun You-Tube videos about talking parrots before bed.


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