Monday, March 8, 2010

1st Day of Spring Break

We had a fantastic first official day of Spring Break today.

Jaymi has been interested in dogs recently, and rediscovered a dalmation costume in her dress-up box.  She really wanted to have a bone to go with her costume, and therefore this morning, decided to make one out of fabric and stuffing.  She brought everything to me, and all I had to help with, was the cutting of the fabric, threading the needle the first time, and a tiny bit of the sewing.  She learned how to tie a knot at the end (with the needle), how to thread a needle, etc..


Then, we headed to a Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary program, about ducks.  They taught the kids how to use a pair of binoculars.  I love it when Jaymi discovers something that she hasn't learned yet.  She was so thrilled when she would look at a bird from far away, raise the binoculars up to her eyes, and then rave about how close the bird looked!




There was face painting too, which Jaymi always wants to do.
They insisted on painting a duck on her face, so she got a purple and pink duck with a crown and sparkles. ;)


There were duck crafts, colouring pages, puzzles, and lots of other duck fun.

 We learned so much about ducks too!
We learned that the mother ducks have the louder voices.
We learned that there is a bird called a 'coot'.
We learned that male ducks lose their colours in the winter and look just like the female ducks.




Jaymi even got to hand feed one of the ducks!








When we were finished at Swan Lake, we went to Chapters for a program they were running this afternoon.  They had a bunch of fun board games set out to play.  We played Operation, Twister, Blokus, and Trouble, then looked through some books before we left.



It actually snowed today too - on March 8th!  In Victoria!
It hasn't snowed since the one time in November, when it snowed last year.  In husband put his sports car away for the winter, as he usually does, and just got it out and running yesterday......and it snowed today! 
Not much though.  Not enough to actually land on the ground.  But it snowed about 4 times - on and off.  Jaymi was thrilled.

After that, we went back towards home, dropped by our store to say hi to Mark and enjoy a bag of Doritos while people-watching.
Then we went home and read some books.  Then we ended the night with the last part of the movie we have been watching lately - Zoom.  Cute movie!  Jaymi just loved the little girl in it.

Oh yeah, and the house smelled fantastic when we got there!  I tried something I haven't tried before.  Cooking a frozen beef roast in the crockpot.  I covered it in boiling water and lots of garlic cloves, then put it on high for about 6 hours - yum.


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Anonymous said...

Too Funny...we watched "Zoom" tonight! it WAS good! Deb