Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodies in the mail, and WildArc Open House

Yesterday Jaymi and I went to WildArc - a rescue centre that helps out sick and abandoned wild animals, and releases them back into the wild.

We learned a lot about many different animals, and got to see the various habitats that they place the animals in, while they are there.

We saw the x-ray room:

They even have incubators that they use for some of the baby animals.

Jaymi, of course, loved that they had face painting, and thought it was funny that it was a lady dressed as a squirrel, doing the painting. 

Jaymi requested to be painted as a ferret.  For some reason, she has decided that she likes ferrets now.

She also picked out a t-shirt for herself, and 50% of the proceeds went towards helping the centre.

One of the most fun things to do, was getting to pet a hawk!

Today, Jaymi got a fun package in the mail, from her Granna.  Lots of new, sparkly clothes - her favourite!

She put three of the new items she got, on, and put on a dancing show for us tonight.  (She's been doing that non-stop for the last few days.)

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