Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day #11 of Spring Break - some fun links online!

Jaymi has been taking a lot of time and effort in choosing her outfit every morning.  Each morning is interesting...seeing what she comes up with.
Here was this morning's outfit:

She started off this morning, by finishing her paper rainbow, complete with a pot of gold at the end.
We found a link online where we could listen to bird sounds - any bird we could think of.
It was very cool, listening to all of the bird sounds.

Then, Jaymi decided that she wanted to pretend she was a bird today.  She wanted to choose the type of bird, and she chose the Tufted Titmouse.
Here is a photo of the bird she was today:

 We kept an eye out for birds today, hoping to identify a few.  The first one we saw in the morning, was a fantastic one - a bald eagle.  We see them all the time around here, but since we have been studying birds, it was really cool to see a bald eagle, and actually pay attention to it.

I took some pictures of Cookie, our cat, while we were outside watching the birds.

Jaymi coloured a couple of bird colouring sheets and made a bird beak with paper.

I made some of my homemade french fries and a banana milkshake for lunch.

Then, while I swept and vacuumed the house and Jaymi cleaned the toilet next to her room.  We have a deal right now, that every time she forgets to flush the toilet, she has to clean the toilet.

We have been wanting to make an edible bird's nest all week, and finally got the chance today.
We made them out of shredded wheat, peanut butter, honey, melted chocolate, and Jelly Belly jelly beans inside the nests.  We also stuck a gummy worm in them.

This afternoon, Jaymi and I went into town to pick up the play tickets that we won, and decided to go for a walk downtown.
When you have time to relax, and pay attention to what's around you, and you're with a 7-yr-old who is happy about everything, it's interesting what you notice, and how much fun a walk can be.
Here's our list of what we saw/experienced on our walk:
police station with lots of police cars parked in the lot
Island Farms factory
dandelions to blow on, and a pretty orange flower

the big arena
an awesome, huge mural across the side of a store that sells wheelchairs
a cute bright green building called The Knotty Bean Cafe
dog walkers, walking 6 dogs at once
a cool statue of people holding up a pillar...Jaymi thought the view from behind was funny - "lots of bums", she said. LOL ;)

Then, we went to two thrift stores where Jaymi had fun shopping for clothes with a few dollars that she has left.  She piled up some clothes on my arm, and modeled them in the change room.  She finally narrowed her choices down to two items, which were both very nice dresses.
Here was one outfit that she put together when she got home (the dress is one of the ones that she got from the thrift store):


We also found a cool website with a barn owl webcam.  This female barn owl is currently sitting on a few of her eggs, waiting for them to hatch.  So, we kept it on with the sound up, while we ate dinner.
The funny thing was...the owl was sound asleep for a while, then we heard her making some sounds, and went to check it out.
Turns out the male owl was visiting her, and had jumped right on top of her!  They were mating, right there on the screen.

 For dinner, I made Cajun Shrimp Stir-Fry with noodles.
Basically, it was Cajun seasoning (homemade), red pepper slices, minced garlic, shrimp, lemon juice, and white wine.
We ate our nests for dessert.

And we ended the night with a bit of a short movie I found at the library this week.
It was about a cuckoo, and was a cute little cartoon.
These are two movies I borrowed this week.

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We watched the Eyewitness Bird DVD this weekend - I was a little disappointed that it was more about myths associated with birds, than actual birds - the Cuckoo cartoon looks cute, though :)