Friday, March 26, 2010

I guess we're doing an alphabet-ordered theme set ;)

I had originally planned on doing an art unit with Jaymi, because she is soooo into art and has wanted to be an artist (and a vet) when she grows up, for a long time now.
I had also been planning on doing a bird study once the weather was nice enough for a bird walk...around the beginning of spring.
It just so happens that we did the art study a while ago, and then the weather got nice during Spring Break and we studied birds.  At some point, Jaymi said to me, excitedly, "Are we doing alphabet weeks?".  I didn't realize that we had started one!

A - Art
B - Birds

So...Jaymi requested the next unit.  She chose Cats.

We're not going to do a ton on cats, because:
#1 - we have done a cat study before,
#2 - Jaymi has been interested in cats for years,
#3 - she has read so much about cats for the past few years,
#4 - and she already knows so much about cats.

So, we began this week, and Jaymi decided one day, to dress all in 'cat'.

We learned today, thanks to this website, how to draw a careful, detailed, proportioned drawing of a cat, which we coloured in with pencil crayons, erasing lines that we didn't need, as went progressed.

We also did a fun game that I had found on the internet.  I wish I could remember where I found it.  Anyway, it's called Velcro Ball.
We just stuck some sticky velcro on to a light, ping-pong ball, and got 2 dollar store knit hats, and we threw the velcro ball to each other, trying to catch the ball on our heads, where it would stick.  It was a fun game!

Jaymi asked me to cut her bangs today too.  She was getting tired of them getting in her eyes all the time.  So I did.  I'm pretty sure (now that it's done) that I liked it better before, but oh well.  It'll grow back.

We also went to the new library that is closeby.  It has a cute little 'book' bench out front.

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