Sunday, March 7, 2010

O.T., monkey bar success, working hard, and a new outfit

Last week was Jaymi's last session of occupational therapy.
Jennifer (her therapist) has been awesome with Jaymi.  Jaymi's left-side strength, balance, and motor planning, have improved so much since she started therapy.  Unfortunately, the program that providing us with funding after surgery, only provides 6 months of funding.  So, we are at the end of our 6 months and it is no longer covered.
Jaymi's neurologist has recommend that she continue with her ballet classes, work at home as much as possible with various o.t.-type exercises, and also sign up for horseback riding.  So that is what we will do.
We are so thankful for Jennifer.  She has a fantastic reputation as one of the best o.t.'s on the island, and she is full of endless, fun therapy ideas to do with her clients.  Jaymi loves going there, and is always proud to show Jennifer what she is improving on.

Jaymi finally figured out how to get up onto the top of the monkey bars at school, by herself this week.  She is so thrilled!  She can get down by herself too, and has been wanting to do this, for so long.
Also, she now has the strength to lower herself down, using only her other words, holding her body weight up with her arms (straightened).  That is huge for her!  She is also having fun hanging upside down from the monkey bars.

Jaymi and I went to pick up Mark from work one day this past week, and decided to put Jaymi to work while we waited for him to finish.  She had a blast, wiping down the tables, and made a game of it for herself.  Of course, she had decided to wear her Tinkerbell costume...we thought we'd be quickly picking Mark up, not realizing that he would be delayed when we got there. ;)

Jaymi has been very into fashion lately, and I took her out to pick out a new outfit today.  We haven't bought her any new clothes in a looooong time, and she was thrilled to pick an outfit out.  I took the opportunity to have her show me what she considers 'fashionable', since that's what she talks about so much.  And apparently, I keep getting it wrong! ;)
So...she taught me today, that sparkly is definitely fashionable.
And could hardly contain herself when she found these clothes, and put this outfit together.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh - you can let her know Kaytlyn would definitely agree with her and love her outfit :)