Thursday, July 1, 2010


For a long time, I have heard of geocaching but didn't think much of it, not really knowing what it was all about.  Then, a friend of mine told me how much fun it was, and we all decided to see what the big deal was.

It's basically like a worldwide treasure hunt that you need a GPS (or our iphones) for.  The fun, is figuring out where these hidden containers are, once you have located the area with the online co-ordinates.  It's such a fun family activity, and we have been having a blast locating various geocaches.

Jaymi is learning so much too.  She is learning about navigation and directions, as well as the challenge of figuring out where the geocache is.

Another great thing about geocaching, is that we are seeing parts of Victoria (or wherever we play), that we never would have noticed or found, before.

It is a fantastic family activity.  Jaymi is loving the whole experience, and it gets us all hiking for a couple of hours at a time, motivated by the challenge of finding a sometimes easy-to-find but sometimes elusive 'treasure'.

And when we find it, it's so much fun to see what's inside, trade for something, and then hide it again for the next geocacher.

We began geocaching in Vancouver and quickly came to love doing it.  A couple of geocaches have been difficult to find, and we have had to go back twice to find them.

It's a fun thing that our whole family can do together, when we have some free time, and it gets us out together, hiking, discovering, and meeting a challenge.

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