Sunday, July 4, 2010


Big news - Jaymi has glasses now!

Yep, it's true.  While we were in Vancouver for her MRI, the ophthamologist saw her for a checkup and mentioned that she didn't do very well at all on her eyesight test.  But, he thought it was probably because the test was given less than 3 hours after the MRI and she was so exhausted (from being sedated) and just wanted to go to sleep...she wasn't at her best.
Regardless, Mark and I decided that we would book her an optometrist appointment when we got back to Victoria, to double check.

So this past Monday, she had that appointment, and did just as badly at the eyesight test.  It turns out that her eyes are 20/50 instead of 20/20, and she's near-sighted.  This means, of course, that she needs help seeing far away.  Her prescription is a very light one....a minus one. 
So, she doesn't need the glasses to read or do anything up close, but she needs them for far away.  Basically she will be wearing them all the time anyway.

The optometrist's office called on Wednesday, asking us to come in to do a measurement that they forgot to do, and to our surprise, the lenses were just about ready.  They were there on the desk, but they were huge pieces of glasses (not cut to size yet) and her frames were sitting there too, empty.  It was awesome for Jaymi to be able to see the lenses when they were partway through being made.

It's interesting how this generation is so different from ours and our parents.  She is THRILLED to have glasses.  She thinks it's the best thing ever!  She took a while choosing the frames and chose a very "Jaymi" pair of glasses.  Turquoise all through the inside and corners, brown on the outside, with a floral cut-out pattern on the sides.  Very funky looking and cool.  They are also transitional lenses, which means that they darken when UV light hits them.  We wanted to make sure that her eyes stay protected in the sunlight.

She has been having so much fun wearing them.  She is constantly asking if her lenses are dark (when she is outside), loves to clean them with her spray cleaner and cloth, loves the case she picked out (turquoise, of course, to match), and has been trying to match her outfit to her glasses a lot too.
She is also testing the difference between glasses and no glasses, amazed at how the blurriness goes away with them on.

They suit her too!  We really like them on her.  It's too bad she has to have glasses, but they are really helping her (she doesn't rub her eyes nearly as much as she did before) and they do look very good on her.

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