Monday, July 12, 2010

The Summer of 2010 - Week #2

Week #2 was full of summer camp for Jaymi.  She went to a full-day camp (9-3) called SOAR Art & Nature Camp, where they did tons of artwork and nature walks each day.

Just for fun, I took a picture of Jaymi each day of camp, in her chosen outfit for the day.

They ended the week (on a very hot and humid day) with some water fun and sculpting an ice cream block into a volcano (complete with caramel and chocolate sauce) and then eating it, of course!

She had friends in the camp, so that was great for her to see them every day.

She did a lot of drawing,
including chalk drawing (self-portraits) after camp.

She made a chain out of grass (her idea).

Although camp was great for her (lots of sun, activity, exercise, friends, fun, imagination, etc.) she was soooo cranky later in the evening every day!

We also finally opened the pool!

Jaymi can reach the bottom of the pool this year - just barely!

We usually open it June 1st, but this year it just didn't happen, which was okay, because June was so unseasonably cold anyway.

But, we have had beautiful weather this past week, with lots of heat - perfect pool weather.  Jaymi has had fun in the pool every day, both by herself and with friends.

And of course, it's great popsicle weather too!

She also played on our Slip n Slide for the first time this summer.

And we made up a fun water obstacle course for her.
The steps were:
- slide down the Slip n Slide

- jump through two hula hoops

- use the cherry pitter and eat the cherry

- use the other hula hoop

- run through the sprinkler

- dump a bucket of water over her head

- refill the bucket

And to make it interesting, after doing it a bunch of times, we made a theme each cycle.
She had to do the course:
- ballet style

- with her hands up in the air

- with no hands at all

I was particularly impressed with the way she figured out how to do this one - dumping a bucket of water over her head, WITHOUT using her hands!

- backwards

- sitting down

- extra fast

- and extra slow

She has read quite a few books in the past week as well, going through so many books each day.
This was a favourite of hers last week.

We went to Hanna & Leah's 4th birthday party on the weekend.

And inside, we worked on a very cool circular undersea puzzle together, many days staying up late after dinner because we just couldn't pull ourselves away from it!

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