Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bunny Day

A while ago, I found a cute book called Marshmallow.  It's about a bunny named Marshmallow who meets a cat named Oliver.  Oliver is not thrilled with this new addition to his family, and intends on eating Marshmallow, until Marshmallow happily gives him a kiss on the nose.  Oliver is stunned, and gradually grows to love the bunny, and take care of it as if it were his own kitten.
It's a nice little story, and it just so happens that Jaymi has a Webkinz stuffed bunny named Marshmallow!

So, we read this story together and did a whole bunny day together.

We made marshmallow bunnies:

Take a toothpick and food colouring and draw a little face on a marshmallow (big ones work better, but we only had mini-marshmallows).  Then, using icing as glue, attach bunny ears (another marshmallow cut in half and pinched at the top to shape a bit).!

We also had a picnic outside with Jaymi's stuffed bunnies.

In this book, the mommy writes a few poems about bunnies, so we decided to do our own poetry as well.

This poem says:
"Bunnies like to play
and hop all day.
Bunnies like home
and to snuggle with me and you!"

And her other poem says:
"Bunnies are so sweet,
Bunnies do not tweet.
Bunnies hop and cats think meat.
Your home is not complete
without a bunny!

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