Saturday, July 17, 2010

A-gardening we will go...:)

In the last couple of years we have tried our hands (well, Mark's mostly) at vegetable gardening, and successfully grew tons of radishes, chives, and a few things.

This year, we decided to grow more.
Most of what we planted is not very successful yet.  The unseasonable cold May and June we had made some of our veggies unhappy and they are having trouble growing.

However, this year, we have food and herb plants growing in various places around our yard, including our main deck (where the deer can't get at them).

We have lots of chives, and a few herbs.  I love sending Jaymi outside as I'm preparing dinner, to fetch some chives to use.  It reminds me of growing up, when I used to do the same thing.

We have a bunch of strawberry plants (the upside-down ones) hanging on our main deck.

We have a couple of cherry tomato plants (upside-down as well) hanging on the deck.

We have lots of regular tomato plants in planters too.

Jaymi has her own garden box this year.  It isn't doing extremely well, but some of it is okay.  Mark built the box, she painted it, they both stapled lining in it, and she waters it every day.  She decided on planting a mix of flowers, as well as cat grass.

We have lots of sunflowers planted,

and lots of beans everywhere too.

Of course, tons of other flowers and plants,

and lots that I didn't take pictures of.

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