Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer 2010 - Week #3

I'll start by adding in one thing from last week that I haven't posted yet.  On Sunday, we went to our city's annual Strawberry Festival. 

 Although Jaymi didn't end up wanting to stay for long, it was still fun.  There is a lot for kids to do, including a ton of bouncy castle-type structures.

There is face painting, games for kids, food to eat, a fire truck to climb on and look at, and watermelon of course.

Every year we always go home and eat our own strawberries and ice cream (rather than waiting in the huge line-up for the over-priced strawberries & ice cream at the festival).  This year we stopped at a little stand on the way home to purchase our farm-fresh strawberries.  They smelled wonderful!  At home, we decided to puree them to make strawberry sauce (soooo sweet!) and poured it on top of vanilla ice cream...all in a waffle bowl - yum!

We have been having a fantastic time riding everywhere in the convertible with the top down - one of our favourite summer things to do.

Jaymi had a few playdates last week, which I will post more about, soon.

We had this AWESOME giant Quiznos balloon that we gave to Jaymi last week.  She LOVED it! It was so huge!  Unfortunately, she got a piece of tape stuck on and Mark tried to take it off, it popped and she burst out crying.  She only got to play with it for about 1 minute.  Mark felt so terrible. :(

We met up with some schoolmates at the lagoon for a few hours.

We went to one of our local markets to check out the fresh produce and crafts there.

We spent one morning "in the life of a cat".
Jaymi ate like a cat (for breakfast) - WITH the cats. ;)

She slept like a cat (in the patch of sun on the floor).

She walked around the house like a cat.

And she brought in a pretend rat, like a cat. LOL

She even wrote a list of things she 'did' during the day, in the life of a cat.

Of course, Jaymi is always doing lots of reading, and continuing with the library reading program.

We found some fantastic thrift store goodies, including this $1 dress which Jaymi just loves!

 She says it's the most wonderful curtseying dress ever!

As always, it's interesting to see what outfit she puts together every morning.  She came out of her room the other day, dressed so beautifully, in an outfit complete with necklace, polka-dot tights, her new polka-dot dress, a pretty floral tiara/crown that her Granna had made for her birthday last year, etc..

Her newest fashion obsession is the peace sign.  She loves anything with peace signs on it!

We have been trying this summer, to take a family walk 2-3 times per week, after dinner.

Just a little walk. Jaymi loves it, and insists on doing stretches beforehand.  One particular evening, she decided on this white satin dress for our walk. ;)

Jaymi has been wanting to learn some more cursive writing, and I said I would teach her, so I finally go around to it last week.  She spent hours practicing!  She loves doing it.  She has a notebook that she practices in, and she worked very hard on perfecting these words, especially.

She is also still loving her glasses, and has made a 'glasses world' in the house a couple of times. ;)

This past Sunday was another local summer festival.  It was a small one, but fun for something to go to.  We ate there, won a couple of frisbees, got some safety goodies, a mini-recycling bin for Jaymi, and Jaymi looked at a vendor's jewelry for sale (she loved the diamonds and rubies).

Most of what Jaymi did all week, was swim....and swim....and swim.  :D
She spent hours and hours in the pool.  If she's at home, she is wanting to be in the pool.  It's great!
I'll post pool pictures within the next few days.

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