Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer 2010 - Week #5

It has been a slower week last week.
We haven't done much, but it has been an easy, enjoyable week.

We have been to three library programs,

one free Tae-kwon-do lesson (which she absolutely LOVED),

one market and one park,

one art gallery,

Jaymi has built a fort in the backyard (with Mark's help and lots of power tools),

we have had one dinner outside,

we have watched the making of a beautiful, elaborate local fountain,

we have been princesses together for a day, which involved:
talking like princesses ("farewell" instead of "goodbye", "after you!" when we go through doorways, "I adore you" instead of "I love you", walking on tip-toes, walking softly and NOT thumping, holding our purses correctly and standing with our feet together, and sitting properly).
Jaymi has been 'teaching' me about how to be a princess.

And she has bought her very own little adult-like purse from the dollar store.  She had a lot of fun while we sat outside of Starbucks, organizing what goes in each pocket (she was happy to find a purse with THREE pockets).  She has the following in her purse:
- keys-house and car (they are really those tiny keys that come with diaries)
- lip balm (to keep a princess's lips soft)
- sunscreen (to protect the princess's soft skin)
- mirror and comb (she says that princesses like to look at themselves)
- kleenex
- cell phone
- cards (her pretend credit card, pretend coupon, and hotel key from a vacation we took - pretending it's another card)
- change

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