Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When one thing ends, another begins :)

Well, things have been wrapping up for the school year, and we are into the summer of 2010.

Gr. 2 has ended - I can't believe that our little girl is finished Gr. 2!  She has done so well and worked so hard during the year.  It has been a year of struggles and challenges, and she has improved with so many things.  I am so proud of her.

We went to her year-end awards ceremony and a tea party afterwards, hosted by a classmate's grandma.

Also, ballet ended for the summer (she is insisting on trying tap in September, and we will be keeping her in ballet as well).  Ballet has done wonders for her balance and co-ordination and her strength has also improved a lot.

Brownies wrapped up with a ceremony as well.  Jaymi is now officially finished her 1st year of Brownies and will begin her 2nd year in September.  She has earned lots of badges, done some very fun events, learned a lot and made good friends.

Of course, we also celebrated Father's Day recently.  We made chocolate Corvettes (and other cars) for Mark, as well as a delicious rib dinner followed by a dessert that we created (brownies/ice cream/whipped cream/caramel sauce).

Now, we are beginning the summer of 2010.  She has already had fun running through the sprinklers, fully clothed, of course (now that the weather is finally co-operating), and we have lots of fun stuff planned for the summer.

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