Sunday, June 20, 2010

MRI Results from 1-year-post surgery

We just got back from our trip over to Vancouver, to BC Children's Hospital, for Jaymi's 1-yr-post-surgery MRI, as well as an ophthalmology appointment and a follow-up with her neurosurgeon.

We made the trip lots of fun, including two ferry rides,  a Brownie event that happened to be the day before Jaymi's MRI (at the border of the US and Canada with thousands of other girls),
learning how to geocache together (the three of us),

Dairy Queen,

lots of hotel fun,

and a trip to the aquarium (thanks to the Granna, who got us free passes last year, and also paid for a gift for Jaymi in the gift shop).

Jaymi did fine, as she always does.  She thinks the trips to Vancouver are fantastic, including the MRI experience, for the following reasons:
#1 - she is asleep for the MRI
#2 - she gets a popsicle afterwards
#3 - they blow bubbles while putting in the IV
#4 - the IV doesn't hurt because her hand is numbed first
#5 - she gets a ferry ride to get there and back

Unfortunately, the results weren't what we had hoped for.

The MRI showed some re-growth.  Not a lot, as this is a slow-growing tumour, but enough that we cannot wait a full year for her next MRI.  We have to go back in December of this year.
As of right now, I guess the tumour isn't causing any problems, which explains why Jaymi has no symptoms at all.  She is completely fine!  So, in December, the doctor says that if the tumour stops growing, they do nothing, and MRI again a year from December.  If it keeps growing, at some point, they would have to go back in and do more surgery.  And of course, there is always the possibility that it will begin to shrink again.  That, obviously, is what we are praying for.

So....not the results we were wanting, but like I said, Jaymi is totally fine right now.  She is 1 week away from finishing Gr.2 and is looking forward to a summer full of fun!

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Deanna said...

Wow, looks like she had a wonderful day..... Momma keep your chin up, sounds like your doing a wonderful job....