Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I haven't written about what Jaymi is like, for a while now, and I thought, now that she's 7 years old, it is a good time to update everyone on her likes, dislikes, etc..

Favourite colours - she loves pink, but also loves any rainbow colour. Not really into brown or black at all.

She loves to play word games.

Will now wear tunics, dresses, skirts, pants, but NOT jeans.

She really loves turtles and any ocean animal, especially seals, otters, and walruses. She also has a new love - fairies. She really likes Tinkerbell, and all fairies. She still loves cats too, but turtles and fairies come first. She also loves making inanimate objects into pretend 'pets' or 'friends'. For example...."beanie" (a coffee bean), "mothy" (a dead moth she found in the house), and "hairbally" (a ball of hair from a hairbrush that she tried to convince us to let her keep - unsuccessfully).

She is reading mainly lots of fairy books. She really likes the Rainbow Fairy series - the Gem Fairies, Pet Fairies, Fun Day Fairies, Dance Fairies, Jewel Fairies, etc.
She also likes Roald Dahl books - she just finished reading The BFG this week.
Loves the series with Little Miss.. and Mr..... by Roger Hargreaves.
Also loves Garfield books. She has a huge collection of the old Garfield comic strip books.

Favourite tv shows. She doesn't watch regular tv, but we do record shows for her to watch with us ... mostly either Discovery Kids shows or old tv shows. She enjoys old Garfield shows and Tom & Jerry. She also has very much enjoyed The Canadian kids' game show, Edible Incredible.

Favourite foods - pasta, tortillas, cheese, quesadillas (which she can now make herself), ice cream of course, smoothies, tomato soup and chicken noodle soup.

Favourite stuffies - LOTS right now...let's see...Webkinz are a huge hit with her. She really likes her raccoon Webkinz Garbage, her pink cat Webkinz Pinky, her black cat Webkinz Spooky, her grey Webkinz cat Silversoft, and her two turtles Webkinz Leaf and Leaf 1. She also loves her stuffy harbour seal Aquarium (from the Vancouver Aquarium) and her new stuffy bunny from Nana.

She gets very attached to her favourite things and her favourite people. She recently lost her great-grandmother, Nana, and had a hard time dealing with that. In the same week she 'lost' one of her absolute favourite friends at school, Gracey. Gracey was an older student who was a great friend to Jaymi as well as some of the other little ones at school. She used to push them on the swings a few days per week. She changed schools recently, and Jaymi misses her soooo much.

In the summer, Jaymi loves to swim and ride her bike. She still loves to learn, read, do math, sing songs, pretend play, and create things (especially crafts and art).

Loves girly stuff but isn't afraid to do 'boy' stuff either. She likes to wear tutus and nail polish.
Prefers to wear mismatched socks.

Does not like to tuck her hair behind her ears at all, hates brushing her hair.

Is in Grade 2 now, and is a Brownie as well as her first year in ballet classes.

She wants to be an artist and a marine biologist when she grows up.

She loves school, drawing, her friends, her family, traveling, animals, and learning.

Since her brain surgery in June, Jaymi has been in recovery through many different therapies and doctor follow-ups. She has been seeing a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, a physio-therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and a counsellor. And of course, her neurosurgeon.
Her brain and body have both been working hard, retraining her eye muscles, retraining the pathways for learning, strengthening her muscles, and trying to recover from the whole traumatic event she went through.

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