Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Star Wars Party and a very cool hair dryer :)

Jaymi has been invited to non-stop birthday parties, since October. I am hoping we get a break from them soon. ;)
Anyway, last weekend was a joint birthday party of two of her male classmates and the theme was Star Wars. Everyone was supposed to come dressed as a Star Wars character. Most of the girls dressed as Princess Leia, of course. I was excited to do Jaymi's hair in the buns on the side of her head - it looked so cute! And she had a blast, dressed all in white with her boots on, a silver belt, and the light sabre that we made out of electrical tape and a paper tube. ;) It's something she has never pretended before - she has never had an interest in weapons or pretend fighting, or Star Wars.
When she got to the party she received a much better sabre - the kind that collapses into itself and makes a couple of sounds too.
The kids were all having so much fun when I went to pick Jaymi up from the party, pretending to play "Gotcha" (their name for their made-up game).

The other cool that happened this week, was the fantastic find I got through freecycle.com.
I have fond childhood memories of sitting underneath my mom's old salon-style hair dryer after a bath, with a book, waiting for my long hair to dry. I couldn't believe it when I saw that someone was giving one away for free. I jumped at it, and within 24 hours, I had it at home with me. Jaymi loves it too. It's such a nice, warm, cozy place to be after a bath, and it's so easy to dry her hair this way! ;)

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