Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freebies :)

I've been trying to find freebies on the internet, here and there, when I can, and coupons, etc., and I thought I'd post what I received in the past week. I've been getting stuff once in a while, and suddenly in the past week I got all of this!

From Dave Dravecky:
"A Boy & His Baseball: The Dave Dravecky Story" - a story book for Jaymi, about Dave's experience following his dream of being a major-league pitcher, then recovering from a cancerous tumour in his arm. Dave signed it too - with Jaymi's name and everything. :)
"The Encouragement Bible"
"Dave Dravecky Comeback"
"Do Not Lose Heart"
a personal letter from Dave Duvecky, to our family and Jaymi, giving us all encouragement

"A friend in Hope" - a book from the Brain Tumor Foundation about a little girl with a tumour. Great story book for Jaymi.

From The Ontario Bean Foundation:
3 bean posters
Bean Bonanza - a great teacher's guide and lesson plan about beans
3 recipe books of recipes involving beans

From the Turkey Farmers of Ontario:
Turkey recipe and Activity book for kids
Brining Basics pamphlet
Deep-Frying Basics pamphlet
Barbecue Basics pamphlet
Turkey Tips
2 turkey recipe books

Firearms Safety Education - a 3-part DVD for kids

3 free erasers, 3 rulers, 3 stickers

1 ME sticker

1 free Band-Aid

Not bad, eh?

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