Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the Season!

So, it's officially December, which is when the Christmas season begins, for me. It always bugs me when stores decorate for Christmas, or play Christmas music, and it's only November, or barely after Halloween.

Anyway, the Christmas events are starting, and Jaymi is getting into the spirit. We got to do two fun events in the past week, along with one of her best friends.
The first was the little indoor Santa Claus parade at a local mall. It's not much of a parade, but we go every year because it's not crowded with people and it's a 2-minute drive from our house.
For the past 2 years Jaymi's Sparks unit has been in the parade, and this year her Brownie unit was in it. It starts with a meeting with Santa, where he talks to the kids for a while, then they get a goodie bag and then they get to be in the parade.

After that, we went to a local craft fair together.

A few days later, the Brownie unit, along with other local Brownie/Sparks/Guides/Pathfinder units, had their annual Christmas concert. Jaymi's unit sang "We Need a Little Christmas".

Stay tuned for more Christmas fun!!

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