Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

We had a great Christmas. It's our tradition to have our stockings outside of our bedrooms overnight, and Jaymi comes in our room with her stocking (which she isn't allowed to look through yet) in the morning at 9am. She made a deal with us, to come in at 8:40am, and she stuck to the deal. She came in with her stocking (she had woken up at 3:30, took her stocking into her room and slept next to it for the rest of the night) and we all gathered on our bed like we always do, to open the gifts in the stockings.
One of the best differences this year, was that Jaymi bought & paid for, and wrapped, her very own presents for us, without us knowing at all, what they were.
One of the best presents that she chose for Mark, was a roll of toilet paper that doesn't have any perforations. You know, a gag gift. She smiled so big when he opened that one!

We also have been baking a lot. We made these cute peanut butter cookie sandwiches, with chocolate on top.

Trying to get that 'cousin' picture is more challenging every year. I have to let them do a silly picture first, in order to get the serious one as well. ;)

We also managed to get a family picture - we haven't had one in a long time.

Another fun gift for Mark - a rubber chicken that squeaks and lays a pretend egg.

This is the gift that Jaymi reeeeealllly wanted. This cute little stuffy seal - she named it "Icy".

This is a cute cat that a pillow fits into.

We made these cute snowmen - they're supposed to look like Frosty the Snowman melted.
They were a lot of fun to make.

I got this cute little camera that will attach on to my keychain. It has a tiny shutter, makes a cute little shutter sound and even has a flash!

Jaymi loves this bouncy ball with an eyeball in it.

The other thing (besides the seal) that Jaymi really wanted for Christmas, was a pogo stick. She had fun trying it today.

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