Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Through the Years

Every year since Jaymi was born, I have tried to take various photos of her at the same time each year. A picture of her in her Halloween costume each year, a picture of her at her birthday each year, a picture of her at Valentine's Day each year, etc...and of course, pictures at each Christmas. I was rediscovering old pictures tonight, and enjoyed looking at how Jaymi has changed over the years.

I think this one was taken when Jaymi was pretty little. Our Christmas tradition is the same as mine when I was growing up. In the morning, she brings her full stocking (which is waiting for her right outside of her bedroom door) into our room, where we all sit on our bed and take turns opening presents from our stockings. The first thing I always do, is to take a photo of the three of us. Jaymi was sitting there, in this picture, waiting for me to finish with the picture-taking, so that we could begin. :)

Every Christmas myself and my sister-in-law have tried to take a photo of Jaymi and her cousin Lucas, in their Christmas pjs, when we all get together. We have done this successfully (although I haven't located all of the photos yet), until the last couple of years. 2 years ago, Lucas was sick and had to go home early, and last year we couldn't make it up island because of the snowstorm.

I love this picture - isn't it cute?

Most years, I have tried to do a Christmas card - I've missed a few though. This was the picture on one of them.

This was another Christmas card photo.

Lucas and Jaymi.

2007 photo with Santa.

At the Empress Festival of Trees.

These were a set of pjs that Jaymi received in 2007. She was reeeeealllly into Cars (The Disney movie).

Santa photo 2008.

At Gramma's house, 2008.

Decorating a tree last year - 2008. She was saying, "it's just a tree!"

Photo with Santa 2009 - this year.

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