Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We made play dough!

I've never made play dough with Jaymi before, but have always wanted to.
So a few days ago, we did it!
We mixed everything together...(she commented that it looked kind of like mashed potatoes or Cream of Wheat), and cooked it on the stove until it got stickier and pulled away from the sides of the pot...

...we rolled it into balls to get ready to add colour...

...we added food colouring to each one, trying to make all different colours.  Jaymi was surprised at how long it took to completely get the colour to integrate into the dough...

...and we even added different scents for each one.  Some were peppermint, some were cinnamon (my favourite), some were lemon (we added lemon juice, which doesn't really end up being a nice smell, mixed in with the natural smell of the play dough, at all), and we added maple.  We also left one as just natural.

 It's in our fridge now, and is awesome!

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