Thursday, October 14, 2010

All Dressed Up

Jaymi has such a unique sense of her own style, and I love seeing what she is choosing to dress in each morning.  Some mornings it's 'regular' clothes...leggings or pants, a shirt...often mixing patterns and colours.  Sometimes it's lots of accessories...bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc....and sometimes it's very 'girly' outfits like the two following outfits from this week.

This is her absolute FAVOURITE dress, and we bought it for her birthday.  Not for her party (for that, she will be wearing her Cinderella dress because it's a princess party) but for our family birthday celebration.  This particular day she was wearing this pink dress along with tights and lots of accessories (like the giant flower in the hair??).  She had dressed up one of her Webkinz kittens to come with her to school as well.  In a tutu, of course.  The kitten even had a bow hairclip on its tail!

On another day, Jaymi wanted to wear another favourite dress of hers.  It's a white satin dress that we found at a garage sale this summer - for $1!
She loves fabrics like silk and satin, and of course, she decided to pair the dress with a dress-up halo.

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