Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sewing Project for Us

Jaymi helped me to make a toy for our cats the other day.
It's a crinkly mat.  You know how cats like things that make crinkly noises?  Well, it was so easy and cheap to make.
I found this cute fabric at a thrift store, with cats all over it.  I think it used to be a curtain or something.
Jaymi cut it to the right size and we both pinned it together (wrong sides out).  We sewed three of the sides together and left one open.  We then flipped the whole thing the right way around and stuffed it with a few layers of flattened plastic shopping bags.

It's a fantastic recycling project if you have those kind of bags hanging around in your house!

I showed Jaymi how to use the sewing machine too.  She learned how to thread the machine, how to thread a bobbin, and how to sew a straight hem, taking the pins out as she went.
She did very well!
We then closed up the 4th side and stitched a few seam lines across the whole thing, so that the bags wouldn't shift around on the inside.

We also sprinkled some cat nip on it (next time, we're going to put lots of cat nip in it instead) and the cats love it!
We have to make one more now, because we only made one mat and our second cat is a bit peeved. ;)

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