Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn Colours

Every autumn I take Jaymi out for a photo shoot with the autumn leaves.  We have lots of fun with this, and I get some fantastic pictures from it.
We did it yesterday, and I found the perfect spot!
It has a little bridge, beautiful trees and a pathway for walking or bike riding, and tons of fallen leaves as well as leaves that were still falling.

She had fun throwing leaves at me.

We saw this huge stuffed bear that someone had placed in a tree. :)

She wanted me to bury her in I did.

She laid in the leaves.

Of course, we did our tradition of throwing the leaves in the air.  Jaymi loves doing that.
She tried to take as many leaves as she could in her arms and tossed them all up in the air.

She made leaf piles to jump in.

We always do this particular pose, which is a fun one to look at through the years, as she gets older.

And for a long time, Jaymi tried to catch a falling leaf.  This is difficult to do because you never know which tree is going to drop a leaf next, then you have to run for it and try to catch it.
She began watching one specific leaf that fell partway and then came to rest on a very small branch.
It's the orange one in the middle of this picture.

She named it "Leafy".
She begged it to come down so that she could catch it.

She pleaded with it.

She yelled at it.

She waited patiently for it.

(Look way up high at the top-right-hand corner of the's the orange leaf.  And she is at the bottom-left-corner.)

She finally gave up on it.

It just did NOT want to let go of it's delicate balanced position.

It was a fun afternoon - full of laughter and smiles.

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