Monday, October 11, 2010

Congratulations Jaymi!

We have been trying out tae-kwon-do lessons for Jaymi, for several reasons.  And she has been loving it!
After doing it now, for about 2 months, she is wanting to go to as many classes as she can go to, each week, and in her words, "I get this excited feeling inside me when I'm on my way there".
I love the mood it puts her in - makes her feel so good about herself.
I also love the attitude that it gives her at home, afterwards.  She is always so kind and polite after tae-kwon-do.
It's also fantastic for the following reasons:
exercise - she is often panting at the end of the class ;)
things she used to do in Occupational Therapy last year, like motor planning, and sequencing
respect & discipline
listening skills
strength and endurance

I also like how they constantly emphasize how important it is do your best in school, to NEVER act like you're better than others, to make others feel good, to be a good leader, to aspire to be better, and to respect everyone you meet.

She is so motivated right now, to earn her stripes and get to the point where she can earn a new belt (yellow).
They give beginners these stripes, to motivate them.
Gold stripes are given each time they attend a class.
Red stripes are given each time she completes forms that keep track of things like...reading every day at home...doing respectful things at home...taking of things (teeth/bedroom/schoolwork/etc.)...practicing tae-kwon-do.
White stripes are given if they attend a stripe test but don't qualify for a new stripe yet.
And black stripes are awarded when they are tested at a stripe test, and are deemed ready to earn a stripe.
Students need 2 black stripes before becoming eligible to test for a new belt.

Jaymi has filled up one side of her belt with gold and red stripes, and is working her way up the other side of the belt.

Last week, she was eligible for stripe testing, and earned her first black stripe.  She was so thrilled!

One of the things I love about Jaymi, is how unique she is.
She showed up to tae-kwon-do with this pretty pink bow-headband in her hair a couple of times, recently, and her hair perfectly brushed.
She insisted on having perfect hair and a pretty bow in it, while doing her tae-kwon-do moves.

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