Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another friend turns 8...

Jaymi's oldest friend just turned 8.  They went to preschool together, and when that school shut down (just as they were going into kindergarten) we chose a different school than they did.  But since then, they have had a weekly playdate almost every weekend.  They have stayed close, and consider each other best friends, and old friends.  They are more like I love that they have stayed close. 
So today was his birthday party, and his mom made the best cake ever!  They both share a love for Garfield, so Jaymi was thrilled when she saw that the cake was a big Garfield cake.

The party was at a play place where the kids always get so hot - lots of exercise, running around, sliding, etc..

We have also watched his little sister grow up from an 8-month-old baby girl to a 5-yr-old kindergartner.

Jaymi gave him a Webkinz bald eagle, which he loved,

and she made him a Garfield placemat too.

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