Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random moments from our week

We have been busy during the past 2 weeks, doing many things.

One recent weekend, I took Jaymi to a WildArc event, where she was supposed to meet other kids that love animals, do animal crafts, fun animal games, etc..  It turned out to be not much of a event, at least by the time we got there, but Jaymi had fun playing on the monkey bars and dressing up like a cat.

Jaymi went to her last session of Story Club at the library, where they learned about spy things, and made fingerprint art.

There was an extra fun day for Jaymi because she had TWO field trips in one day!  At school, they went to a local beach for a Parks programme, and at Brownies that evening they went to a local garden place for lots of kid fun, and she brought home a marigold that she had planted.

Thursday, the 29th, of course, was Jeans Day, which went very well. 
I will be blogging about that soon - I'm just waiting for some final donations to come in.

In the later half of this week, the weather is finally getting warmer (it has been very sunny but with a cold wind until then), so we are getting outside more.  Jaymi and I started to bike again, and this time she made it right to the top of our first big hill, the first time!  Without having to get off and walk it at all.

I also pulled out a fantastic game that I had bought months ago.  It's called Hyper Blast.  I bought it because it looked a great O.T. (occupational therapy) type game.  It tosses out 5 balls, each with their own colour and number, that only fit in their own slot properly.  Then it calls out which one to get, in a certain order.  There are various levels and games, including addition, double digit numbers, and the thing that I love the best about it, is that it is a very active game as well.  So it gets Jaymi thinking and running at the same time.

As usual, Jaymi has been having lots of fun figuring out her fashion lately.  One day she had on orange leggings, a purple tutu, and a green shirt!  The next day she decided to dress like Eloise (from the book).  (I love the red bow in her hair.)

And one day, this was her outfit - like the sparkly pink belt?

Jaymi has also been working very hard on her ballet routine, preparing for her upcoming spring recital.  She is completely in love with the costume, and even brought it (carefully) for Show and Share at school.

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