Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to wish a very happy Mother's Day to everyone I know, who has had the privilege of being a mom.  I would also like to share, today, my experiences of having a wonderful mom, and my experiences of being lucky enough to be a mom.

To my mom:

I have so many great memories of you and I, and I thought that this Mother's Day, I could share some with you.
I remember......
- sitting in your bedroom while you brushed/did my hair in all different styles (despite the pain) ;)
- drinking Ovaltine together
- sitting underneath your big hair dryer, reading a book, waiting for my hair to dry
- hearing you talk to others about how proud you are of me
- always seeing you in the audience at my concerts
- watching you draw and learning from you
- having brunch after church every Sunday
- me coming into your room some nights after you and Dad separated, and crying together
- growing up through my teenage years with you...just you and me :)
- traveling with you and Gill in that pop-up trailer, and having to crank it open upon arrival to a campsite, in the pouring rain (yuck)
- talking about what names would be good for my future kids- getting ready for my wedding with you
- watching how great you are as a grandmother to my daughter
- learning what a wonderful person you truly are

To my daughter:

I remember......
- hearing that you were happy, healthy, and a newborn baby girl :)
- watching you and videotaping you, waiting for a bit of a smile or a laugh
- playing with you in the morning, with the sun shining in on you and your diaper off, and your favourite CD playing
- feeding you in the early morning, trying not to fall asleep
- feeling so sad when we decided to stop breastfeeding
- your giggles when I pretended to chase you on my hands and knees in your bedroom
- being so proud of you when you began to read at age 3, and having to tell you to stop reading late at night because you supposed to be sleeping
- hearing your preschool teacher tell me how you would do puzzles upside-down in school (the brown side up) to make them more challenging
- watching your personality unfold, and being so proud of who you are turning out to be
- loving your unique traits, like the fact that you prefer mis-matched socks, the fact that you loved construction for years, and your developing fashion sense
- watching your incredible thirst for knowledge and your huge imagination
- hearing that you came out of brain surgery healthy and even fighting ;)
- watching you recover so quickly this past year!
- always getting a "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" from you every Mother's Day morning, including this morning (along with a plastic breakfast - thanks!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Shereen, you touched my heart with your words.