Monday, May 17, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that :)

We have been up to lots of fun stuff recently.

This past weekend, we went to some garage sales, and Jaymi managed to find a few excellent deals.  She had a bit of her own money that she could spend if she wanted to.
Here is what she bought:
- ALL those necklaces, including a rhinestone one that she is wearing, and a couple of bracelets, for $2
- "Chicken Soup for the Child's Soul" (one of Jaymi's favourite series) for 50 cents
- a tiny plastic fairy for free
- a stuffed pink poodle for free
- three stuffed cats that she has named Cotton Ball, Fluff Ball, and Fuzzy Ball, for a total of 50 cents
- two pink pillows for 50 cents

We also curled her hair a couple of times.  I thought it looked cute!  She loved it as well.

This...she calls her 'pop star pose'. ;)

She also lost that other top front tooth that has been wiggly for so long.  She was thrilled, because she really wanted that double-tooth gap.

As always, I am fascinated, watching Jaymi's sense of style.  She is constantly experimenting with her outfits.

We visited a friend who we haven't seen in a very long time, and had a great time.
 They bounced on the trampoline (with the sprinkler underneath too),

pretended to be cats,

meowed at each other, and at Tuxedo,

built a fort, ate chocolate chip cookies, bounced a ball, and had lots of fun together.

We've been working on a great cat puzzle that is going to have these cool, 3-D cats sticking out.

She's been reading upside-down...a lot.

Jaymi finished "Ella Enchanted" and "Fairest", so we're going to look for another one by the same author.

She had lots of ballet rehearsals last week, which led up to her very first ballet recital on Saturday.  She was proud of herself, and she worked so hard.  She was thrilled to watch the other dancers as well!

And I had some time to go for a walk in Beacon Hill Park where I got lots of great pictures of a whole duckling family, a turtle, a heron, and lots of ducks & geese, and flowers.

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Sue said...

So funny to see all of our girls reading the same series - Magic Puppy, Magic Kitten, all of the Fairy series.... Has J. come across the "Tiara Club" ones, yet? Lots in those series. M. is also loving Cam Jansen and Katie Kazoo!