Sunday, January 10, 2010

What we've been up to...

I haven't had a chance to post any pictures in a while - none so far in this new year. But we have been keeping busy.
It's nice to get back to a regular schedule of school & work, Brownies, ballet, playdate, and lots of our fun stuff that we do together.

So, here are some of the things we have been doing so far this year (and a bit of the end of 2009 too):

We made a healthy version of a gingerbread house, and then promptly ate it!

We celebrated New Year's Eve at home together. Jaymi made a New Year's hat, and we all shared a New Year's Eve drink as we always is the one time every year when we make Jaymi a 'bubbly' drink (usually juice with a little bit of carbonated water).

Jaymi and her friend Kristin got to help me out at the grocery store. They love the self check-out.

And, we have some new pets! Mark found a tiny, wild mouse that was trapped in a bucket outside, and Jaymi and Mark decided to keep it in our old turtle tank. They fed it and gave it water, things to chew on, etc., but at one point when Mark was petting it, it escaped. It was a wild animal though, and didn't really want to be in that tank. So, the two of them decided that they would buy a couple of new mice at the pet store, along with a cute cage with a wheel, tunnels, and everything the mice would need.
They are so cute and tiny and soft. Jaymi's friends have been having fun meeting the mice, which Jaymi has named Squeak and Spot. They're also so tame. They love to be petted, and can be trained too.

Jaymi asked her teacher if she could bring the mice to Show and Share, and she said yes.
The class loved them!

Kristin helped Jaymi with her homework one day, testing her on spelling words.

Jaymi got a bit of a hair trim before school started. She wasn't thrilled though. She is trying to grow her hair long, and the hairdresser cut a lot more off of the front than she had wanted.

She helped me make meatballs one day. She hated the feeling the of the meat, but had fun making it into not-so-little balls.

She had a dentist appointment, along with some x-rays.

Learned how to play Battleship.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry, when I'll let you know all about our latest learning adventure - all about Ancient Egypt!

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