Thursday, January 21, 2010

Redecorating ... a Princess's Room

For the past year, Jaymi's bedroom has been a disorganized mess. Her last bed, which she stopped sleeping on for a variety of reasons, had been taken out of her room and taken apart, so she has been sleeping on the floor, on her mattress (which she was completely fine with).
Although she has bins and a few shelves to organize her toys and stuffies in, there was no nightstand, no proper bookshelves, and her dresser wasn't big enough for the amount of storage she needs, etc.. It just wasn't a room that encouraged organization and cleanliness.

She has been wanting a fairy/princess room for a while now, and while she was away at a sleepover at her Gramma's house, we surprised her by redoing her whole room.

We decided to give her the spare bedroom bed (which is a queen-sized bed - wow!) as well as the matching nightstand and dresser.

Her Littlest Pet Shop animals are organized in their 'apartments', she now has the awesome goldfish lamp (which has little fish swimming in liquid in the base and the yellow goldfish-shaped cover) that I found at a thrift store, a hook on the headboard for her sleepmask that she uses every night, and lots of room in the nightstand for her flashlight, bookmarks, and many books.

Her awesome magnet wall is courtesy of her Grandad - he very nicely offered to paint her one wall in the magnetic paint that we had bought.

Her closet has now been turned into a dress-up area (for now) but I think we would like to turn it into a big bookcase at some point.

She got this fantastic fish chalkboard from her Granna and Grandad at Christmas.

We put these great white handwritten words on her wall (they're rub-ons) - it says "thank heaven for little girls', Mark decided to attach a set of dress-up butterfly wings beside it, her turtle clock is now hanging up (finally), there is lots of room on the dresser now for her stereo & CDs as well as her jewelry. And her 'restaurant' fits perfectly in the corner along with the shopping cart that we gave her for her birthday.

We organized her stuffies in cubbies and on shelves (she likes to organize them in categories, and that helps to keep her motivated to keep them neat), her princess chair is set up with a stuffie princess sitting on it, and there is a toy box with the rest of her stuffies in it.

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