Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Day Today

Lots of things accomplished today, and lots of fun too!

After school, Jaymi had a playdate at our house, with her friend, Olivia. They had fun playing dressup, doing some artwork, playing pretend, and of course, petting the mice.

This is Squeak, by the way,

And this is Spot.

Meanwhile, I made jello (Jaymi helped me out with this),

Jaymi and I played Snakes & Ladders after Olivia left,

I roasted a chicken with some veggies tonight for dinner, and then used the carcass and extra chicken bits to make homemade chicken stock.

I also made banana bread, with maple syrup - it smells great!

Tomorrow I'm going to make another batch of homemade yogurt. It went over extremely well here. Jaymi ate a jar each day. She especially loves putting a little bit of vanilla extract in it.

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