Thursday, January 14, 2010

Egypt Study

We had a lot of fun this past weekend, studying Egypt.
It all began with one of Jaymi's Magic Treehouse books, called "Mummies in the Morning".
She started asking me a bunch of questions about Egypt and the pyramids and mummies, so we decided to do a study of Egypt on the weekend.

We learned a lot of fascinating things, like:

- they took out all of the organs when preparing to mummify a body, except for the heart.
- they took out the brain through the nostrils, with a large metal hook.
- ancient Egyptians mummified their animals and even some food!

We learned all about the Nile river, the Sphinx, King Tutankhamen, and Pharoahs.

I found some fantastic websites:

I printed out some colouring pages and crossword puzzles.

We made a small vocabulary list.
We also learned about hieroglyphics and Jaymi wrote her name.

We pretended to mummify a stuffy turtle. We went through the whole process, complete with rubbing it in pretend natron salt, taking out its organs, wrapping it up in cloths, making a death mask for it, putting good luck charms on it, and placing it in a tomb.

We learned about 'frontalism'...the way ancient Egyptians used to draw.

We even found a game that Jaymi loves to play, over and over - more of a quiz, really.

We learned how important cats were to the Egyptians, and that they were the first society to bring cats into their homes and domesticate them.

We also found a very cool video showing us a real 3,000-yr-old mummy!
Check it out!

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