Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skipping and Quail Eggs ;)

Jaymi has been practicing so hard lately, with her skipping.  Her school does Jump Rope for Heart every year, and that day is coming up next Thursday.  So the kids have all been practicing their skipping.
She has finally got the hang of lots of different skipping techniques, and today I watched her show me her skills and taught her some old skipping rhymes.
Fun, childhood memories for me.

Also, we have been doing a small study on eggs this week, and I happened to find a package of quail eggs at the grocery store.  I bought them and boiled them.  They taste just like regular chicken eggs!  They're great, especially with a bit of salt.  And they're so cute too.

Jaymi liked them - I packed a boiled quail egg for her lunch today.
Mark liked them, I think, but he just couldn't get past the teeny size of them...he felt like he was eating little baby birds. ;)

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