Monday, April 26, 2010

Asking for your help

My family has a favour to ask of you.

As most of you know, our 7-yr-old daughter Jaymi was suddenly diagnosed last June, with a large brain tumour and we had to fly to BC Children's Hospital, for
immediate surgery.  She was operated on, by one of the best
neurosurgeons, Dr. Paul Steinbok, and David Andersen, and was taken very
good care of, by all of the staff and nurses on the neurosurgery ward.
The hospital staff were so great with her, from the nurses
who took the time to 'attach' an EVD to her stuffie, to match the one
she had coming out of her own head, to the Child Life workers and
physiotherapists who visited her to make sure she didn't give up after
surgery (she got very sad and discouraged afterwards), to the wonderful,
talented doctors who made sat and talked to us with no rush at all,
showing us the images on the computer and explaining in detail what they
were going to do in surgery.

So many of you also helped all of us, by sending cards, balloons,
emails, and stuffies for Jaymi, by supporting and being there for us, by
praying your very hardest for Jaymi, and by visiting her when she needed
it.  I still haven't properly thanked all of you for that.

We are hosting a Jeans Day event THIS THURSDAY to raise money for the BC Children's Hospital.
Our hope is to be able to walk into the BC Children's Hospital Foundation after the event is finished, along with Jaymi, and present them with a large cheque.
We need to thank them and help them out.  It means so much to all of us that we have a specialized hospital for children, and to be able to thank them in this way, is so important.

I have set up an online page for those of you who do not live in B.C., so that you can donate online. 
Here is the link:
You can donate online with a credit card (securely) and they will email you a tax receipt right away.  You can list it as a regular donation (instead of for a button or lapel pin - since I won't be mailing out buttons or pins).

Please pass along the website link and the information about our event, to all of your friends and family.  Every bit counts!

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andy said...

wow these are some really sad pictures they make me feel really depressed.