Monday, April 19, 2010

Camping up island with family

The three of us went up island to a campground recently - something we do annually with my husband's family.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law brought their two Boston Terriers, Bella and Oliver.

Jaymi and her cousin Lucas always spend most of the time riding their bikes together all around the campground.

They even found a friend, and besides biking, they made Cheerio necklaces.

They also made cute dog-tag necklaces.
There was lots of good cooking going on. ;)
Jaymi insisted on doing Auntie Sonja's hair, and of course, Sonja did Jaymi's as well.
The guys did some golfing.
Jaymi challenged Auntie Sonja to skip with her, and even Gramma tried her hand at remembering how.
I managed to get this awesome picture of my husband.  ;)  It's so hard to get a non-goofy picture of him.
We also watched game #2 of the NHL playoffs.  Too bad the Canucks lost!

Jaymi had fun showing a snake to everyone.
It was nice to take a few days off from everything and hang out with family for a bit.

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